50 Jahre: 1972 - 2022
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Cusanus Hochschule –

Business can be rethought

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Shaping the future is only possible if the generation that will do business tomorrow is involved. That’s why research and education are the trades of the future. Cusanus Hochschule calls itself the Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung, or university of societal design, after all, and not university of economics, although that’s exactly what is taught and learnt there. What exactly makes this university so special?

The university orients itself towards a sustainable world that strives towards “lively and diverse nature, a democratic society that shows solidarity and a fair and life-sustaining economy”. “We see it as our task in teaching, research and social dialogue to enable people to shape their lives even in uncertain, conflictual and contradictory times.”

The economy should therefore not be an end in itself; rather it should be beneficial to our lives. To this end, the academic disciplines therefore model themselves on principles such as an orientation towards design, personality development, transdisciplinarity and participation. The students should be empowered to shape social, ecological and economic transformation processes and to combine them with responsible commitment. The university offers plenty of room for creative design and encourages debate. It combines academia with practical knowledge and action. Furthermore, it relies on participation so the organisation itself can learn.

The plurality of biography, origin, gender and economic background as well as political and world views in all working areas of the university is the starting point for a successful dialogue and is perhaps something like the basic principle of Cusanus as an organisation.