50 Jahre: 1972 - 2022
Geschichten zum Neuguss-Jubiläum
In Beziehung sein – Geschichten zum Jubiläum

Bees don’t need us,

But we need them.

Funded project

Bees are essential for our ecosystem. They pollinate the majority of all wild plants and crops and thereby ensure not just biodiversity, but also our food security. But what living conditions do these extremely sensitive creatures require? Which factors benefit them, and which prevent them from thriving? Beekeeping requires the respectful treatment of the animals, just like any other kind of farming. But what does species-appropriate apiculture look like?

At Verein de Immen e. V. (Low German for “the bees”), this question is at the focus of the association’s actions. The beekeepers that have formed the association see the bees as an entity and not as the sum of individual animals. “Bees are creatures with astounding self-regulating abilities. And the other thing that makes them stand out is a highly developed form of community building – together, they achieve more than the sum of their members. And they act for the common good. That is certainly something where bees are way ahead of us humans.”

The collaboration within the Neuguss Group was evolved through the company STOCKMAR. Together, the company and the association worked on wax qualities and launched a project. Regional wax that was collected from natural husbandry under the umbrella of de Immen e. V. was used for STOCKMAR production. This special wax can be found in the limited Rainbow Anniversary Edition.