50 Jahre: 1972 - 2022
Geschichten zum Neuguss-Jubiläum
In Beziehung sein – Geschichten zum Jubiläum

Mercurius USA in conversation –

„What the Neuguss means to me“

Allyson Jakubicka, Mercurius USA

What a proud moment to recognize Neuguss’s achievement. They have demonstrated that a novel, holistic business model can be successful and sustainable. That is truly something to celebrate. 50 years of supporting economic, environmental and social issues before it was part of the global consciousness. Their refreshing model, evaluating and making important decisions by looking beyond the traditional measures of growth and profits, dispels the myth held up as truth by many other companies and organizations. These groups can learn from Neuguss’s example how to build mutually respectful relationships, foster an impulse to know and understand others and engage in sincere cooperation. I personally connect with Neuguss on several areas but the most meaningful is our shared desire to protect and promote education and the arts for the betterment of all.